Recent Activities?

  • We organised a training program for our teachers at Noida from 30th Oct to 12th Nov 2010. Training program covered following topics:
    1. Story telling
    2. Emphasizing on practicals while teaching any subject
    3. Classroom management techniques
    4. Lesson planning and organisation of school Day/Month/Year (school's routine)
    5. Student profiling and addressing individual differences in class etc
    Photos of training
  • We have updated Aarambh's website ( to clarify more on philosophy ('Change yourself, help yourself') and reasons to work for our Aarambh.
  • We bought 4 Katthas land in Derghaon, bihar Photos
  • Aarambh is planning to start a school in Lucknow,UP. We are currently looking for a teacher who will manage this new school. If you know someone who may be interested in applying for this position, please refer them to our website for more information.
  • We are looking for sponsors for the installation of a solar panel to help generate electricity for the Rohtas school. Please let us know if you are interested in being a sponsor for solar light.             You Are Visitor Number :
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