How Aarambh Started?

It’s not that as we are in a relatively good position, so we decided to do some ‘dharmarth’. We have seen and felt these problems from childhood because we belong to the same area. Every now and then we have seen educated and privileged people discussing the above problems and acknowledging that education is the key but rarely anyone tries to take a step; immodestly speaking until one stage we too were doing the same.

As we ourselves hail from these places, we decided to do something owing to the fact that children in these places have what it takes.Owing to all these reasons and Hence, realizing our social responsibilities, we, a group of friends, all working software professionals, promised that no matter how small our efforts are, we will do our best (in terms of time/money/ideas), to help the uneducated and under-privileged.

People who conceptualized Aarambh:

  • Ajit Kumar Singh - B.E. (Comp. Sc.) – Working at Adobe Systems, Noida
  • Izhar Arman - MCA – Working at Pitney Bowes, Noida
  • Hemant Kumar Roy - IT Engineer – Working at BrickRed Technologies, Noida
  • Anindit Sinha - IT Engineer – Working at Tech Mahindra, Noida
  • Prashant Kumar Roy – IT Engineer – Working at Enterprise Solutions Inc (http://, LA (USA)
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