Mission And Vision

Aarambh’s mission is to provide 'Quality education in rural India'.

Aarambh has been started with a belief that Education is the real necessity of society and everyone should get it. No one should be deprived of quality education because of lack of resources.

Education (including moral education) will help us break the deadlock between poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, population explosion, crimes and other such problems

Aarambh’s mantra is 'Sabki Unnati mein hi apni Unnati hai' i.e. inclusive growth.

Growth of any society or country is non-meaningful if that growth has overlooked some part/section of the society or country. Education will make way for self-sustainable development and inclusive growth.

Aarambh’s vision is 'To turn the population of India into a dividend'; to achieve the all-round development of our country.

By educating the masses, we aim to realize the hidden and under-utilized potential of our ignored (in some cases ignorant) brothers and sisters. They can be turned into strong backbone instead of being treated as a burden.

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