Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is Aarambh?
    Aarambh is an NGO Registered Aarambh is an NGO registered under Societies Registration Act of XXI, 1860. Mission of Aarambh is to ensure “Quality education in rural India“.

  • How can any one be a part of Aarambh?
    You can become a part of Aarambh by:
    • Registering yourself on Aarambh's website ( .
    • You can call us on 9899506061 and ask for details.
    • You can mail us at and we will reply with the details.
  • How much amount, I will have to contribute for getting registered?
    There is no registration fee. It’s totally free of cost.

  • How can any one contribute for Aarambh?
    You can contribute for Aarambh in following ways:
    • Financial contribution.
    • Become a volunteer.
    • Social advertising.
    • By donating things like books, magazines, laptops, sports items etc.
  • I want to make financial contribution for Aarambh. How can I do this?
    You can make contribution for Aarambh in following ways:
    • You can click on “Donate Now” button at our website homepage and pay through your credit card, debit card or net banking.
    • By E-transfer: you can transfer the desired amount in Aarambh's ICICI Bank account 0031 0121 5316 (Savings a/c). For bank details, please click “Donate Now”.
    • You can give us cash by contacting us on 9899506061. Our representative will contact you to collect money and they will give you receipt for this.
    • You can send us cheque in the name of 'Aarambh Welfare Society' at our contact address : G/8, Sector-12, Noida (UP) - 201301 Phone: +91-9899506061 Email: Website: .
  • How much is the contribution amount for Aarambh?
    There is as such no fixed amount of contribution towards Aarambh welfare society. It depends on you. You can start with Rs 10 and go up further as per your convenience.

  • Will we get any tax exemption if we contribute to Aarambh?
    Yes. All contributions to Aarambh are tax exempted u/s 80G i.e. you will get 50% tax exemption.

  • How can any one become a volunteer for Aarambh?
    You can become a volunteer by registering on our website and writing a mail to expressing your desire to become a volunteer. You can also become a volunteer by getting in touch with our contact desk.

  • What is social advertising?
    Social advertising is a way to make Aarambh and it's objectives popular among your friends and acquaintances. You can be part of our social advertising campaign by joining our communities on Orkut, Facebook, Picasa, Twitter etc. and writing mails and blogs about Aarambh and it's initiatives.

  • I want to be a part of Aarambh's social advertising campaign. What will I have to do?
    Please register yourself on our website and mail us at with subject line “Want to part of Aarambh's social advertising campaign” or by getting in touch with our contact desk.

  • What do you mean by “donating things“?
    You can contribute by donating following things:
    • Books, magazines, notebooks, pencils or other educational items.
    • Laptops, CD/DVD player, educational CDs/DVDs etc.
    • Sports items, musical instruments etc.
  • I have gone through your website; I have seen there are 2 schools running in Bihar. Is Aarambh only for Bihar?
    Aarambh can work throughout India.

  • I have contributed for Aarambh. I want to see my donation on website. Where can I see this?
    All your financial contributions to Aarambh can be easily seen on website. Please login into using your login-id and password and then click on “Display your donation“. You will see all your details there.

  • I have contributed for Aarambh, but I want to know about latest news and development.
    Please register yourself on for the same.

  • I want to become a member of Aarambh, Does Aarambh Provide any certificate for being a part of it and working for them?
    Sorry, Aarambh does not provide any such certificate.

  • I want to attend meeting of Aarambh. How will I know about it?
    If you want to attend meetings, you will have to express your desire through mail and we will inform you one week in advance about such meeting.

  • Do we need to attend any session for becoming a volunteer?
    There is no such session right now.             You Are Visitor Number :
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