Construction Report

We have mission to build a school in village with support of Villagers. The changes that we are trying to get must need to sustain with villagers only. We hope now you can understands our Philosophy of "Change yourself, help yourself".
We don't just expect donations from you but also we want you to feel accountable and responsible towards growth of our nation. Please join our family to help our family members.

Also we would like to thank all friends who has donated and helped Aarambh selflessly :).

  • We bought 4 Katthas land in Derghaon, bihar Photos
  • We started discussing school construction in village. Villagers are also trying to get funds for school construction.
  • School construction funding is in progress. We still need 4-5 Lakhs.
  • We are also in process of buying few notebooks for our students. This will be a gift to students in new building.             You Are Visitor Number :
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