Maheshwara School, Begusarai (Bihar)

Second school of Aarambh was started at Maheshwara village in Begusarai district of Bihar. It started with 23 students and 1 teacher in the month of October 2008.

Here, parents are highly impressed with the love and affection with which Aarambh’s teachers teach the students. This lack of affection (because of poor economic condition, caste etc) is a major cause of disinterest among students/parents and hence school drop-out.

Currently 60 students (Class I to Class V) are enrolled at Maheshwara school out of which two-third are girls. This school has three teachers.

This school runs at a place where a private school runs in the first half. After the private school gets over for the day, Aarambh school starts at the same building in the afternoon.             You Are Visitor Number :
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